Depending on the need for our client’s sometime support is needed in the form of one to one sessions. Having a listening ear from another person whose experienced similar pain and conditions can bring a new level of depth to the relationship and a deeper empathy.


Mediation between our clients and families has sadly become increasingly needed, we help aid both parties to express how they feel. Incorporating a day in the life workshops, helps create understanding on both sides, assists in strengthening the relationship.


The support sessions allow our clients to express them self’s

and speak of their experiences and conditions.

 Sadly, many of our clients have been treated badly by family, employers and others who feel compelled to question them and thier integrity.

 At Hidden Lives we provide a non-judgemental space for them to feel safe to openly express their feelings and fears alongside others who have similar experiences. 


Our workshops can be adapted to the needs of the customers. All our workshops have been created from the information gathered from our clients.  They allow insight into what it’s really like from the perception of the suffer with a chronic and mental health condition. Each of the workshops we offer can help create a more fluid relationship between the suffers and employers. Helping others gain a better understanding of some conditions will assist in changing perceptions and helping create a more manageable environment for those in employment, schools and groups with chronic conditions. Our Pledge which launches in September is all about helping establish a more understanding environment for employees and for those trying to gain employment.

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