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Our team is dedicated to the mission of helping those in need in the greater Plymouth area. Get to know the people who make Hidden Lives what it is. Our team is an unbelievable source of information and we are ready to share our events, activities, and the ways for you to get involved.


Having Scoliosis and hemiplegic attacks means that Jemima sometimes struggles with day to day things. However, she is evidence that with the right support people with hidden illnesses can go onto do great things. 
3 years ago, I would come back from work, crying and stressed, pain was a big problem for me with my back and nursing is hard work, the stress started my attacks off and I would be crippled in pain with headaches. However, it was spotted that I needed to change, I’ve now got three business’s and the stress is my own not other peoples. I was lucky enough to be given the right support to help me, I want to give back and look to support others.


A serving member of the Royal Navy and Businessman, he has dealt with many stressful situations and understands a need for recognition and awareness for hidden disabilities. Having toured in Iraq, Basra he's seen the health decline of friends adjusting to normality, several of which now suffer with what is more commonly known as PTSD. 
With several family’s members being diagnosed with stress in the past, he feels there is a lot of change required at how we look at mental health and as a community it should be addressed. 
Having seen so many tough minded Military and family bury pain and worries to a point its impacted their health, life and left them feeling isolated. With Hidden lives many feel that they have certain ailments and there's no one to talk too, they feel that no one understands, we want to change that! 
It's upsetting to hear everyone thinks they are alone, they feel pain and feel no one wants to hear them grumble about it. But many people do understand and want to listen as many are going through the same battles. I’ve seen some of the toughest men/ women crack due to not having someone just to talk too, Hidden lives listens and supports in so many ways. That is why I am proud to be working with the likes of Laura and Jemima in changing lives through Hidden Lives.


Living with chronic conditions herself she has experienced the discrimination from employers and lack of compassion from some people because of lack of awareness of most chronic conditions. Laura feels hidden lives can help create more awareness from a different angle as we are all experience in what its really like to suffer pain conditions. 
Laura has worked for many years in the care sector working with mental health and many different types of people as well as training to be a counsellor. So, from both a personal and professional angle she feels she can fully give compassion and support to those who feel they are not getting this in other places. Her belief in other abilities is one of the reasons hidden lives pledge was established. She believes that no one with a chronic illness should be pushed away or penalised because of conditions or disabilities they did not ask for. 
Her hope for hidden lives is to help it grow into a more accessible reaching more people, helping more people into flexible supportive employment, and ensuring the pledge is something employers take pride in being part of. 
With a supportive family at home and friends laura has been able to pursue hidden lives.



Be seen. 

Be heard.

Be understood.

Be supported.

All of which are linked to our pledges. 



 Has been attending hidden lives since September 2018 she feels attending group sessions has been beneficial to her both in her personal life at home and in how she feels when going out. Attending the group, she has been able to explore her feelings regarding her condition and the treatment she has received over the years because of this. EH has come on so much she has now been asked to become one of the hidden lives mentors and help with in the hidden lives team this has boosted her confidence in many ways and we feel she will only continue to grow and both personally and professionally. 


EH joined hidden lives in early September 2018, when she first started she came along holding her partners hand and her anxiety was through the roof. Through the time in sessions 121 and group her physical and emotional health has come on leaps and bounds she has gained confidence and made friendships within   and outside the support of hidden lives. She has for the first time in her life went on job interviews with the support of hidden lives and has been able to do many activities without the support of her partner.




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